Find Your Best Choices in the case of Bridal Hairstyle

Find Your Best Choices in the case of Bridal Hairstyle

There are some decisions to be made for D-Day. Once the dress ordered, you have to look at the choice of hairstyle. Here are some tips to help you get there.

The theme of marriage

To choose your hairstyle, the first criterion to take into account is the theme or style of your wedding. If you have chosen a country theme, you can opt for a messy bun. If the evening is spent in a castle, with a very chic decoration, a wiser hairstyle will be better granted.

The style of the dress

Think your hair according to your dress is also essential. A strict bun on an original dress may denote. If the back of your dress is very worked lace, it would be a shame to hide it with loose hair, conversely on a very plunging bare back, simple curls can be of the most beautiful effect.

The nature of hair

Anything is possible with a few adjustments, but the nature of your hair must still guide your choice. If your hair is very short but you dream of a bun, why not use extensions? If your hair is curly, prefer a tied hairstyle or assume your curls rather than opting for a smooth brushing which might disappear before the end of the evening. With the Inland Empire Bridal Hairyou can have the best looks.

Steps to decide

Take inspiration from existing hairstyles

Wedding magazines, blogs and Pinterest boards are full of bridal hairstyles. Do not hesitate to take inspiration from it. By browsing the internet and flipping through specialized pages you will get an idea of ​​what you want, and especially of what you don’t like. And don’t forget to keep some examples that you can show your hairdresser.

Ask for advice and take a test

All “wedding hairstyle” packages at the hairdresser include a test hairstyle. Some salons even offer this service, which would allow you to do several tests to choose the right hairstyle and the right hairstylist.

  • When you meet your hairdresser, explain what you like, what you don’t like, and give yourself time to chat with him. He will advise you and may even give you new ideas.
  • Are you hesitating? What if you have the luxury of changing your hairstyle? A classic version for the ceremony, and a more festive version for the rest of the evening.

Which wedding hairstyle for which dress?

Will a simple bun do the trick? Or would you prefer a more extravagant cut? No matter the hairstyle, the goal is to feel comfortable throughout the big day. A slightly messy bun can be very romantic with a tulle and lace dress. If you wear a traditional and refined dress, the smooth and shiny look will be your best ally. Loose wedding hairstyles a riskier option are always worn with a sober dress. Otherwise, you risk overloading the assembly. For a real fairytale wedding, casual hairstyles (straight hair without frills, hairstyles adorned with braids) go particularly well with romantic princess dresses.