Excellent Soundproofing Options With the Specialists

If having tried a friendly approach was not enough, and you have understood that the needs of the family that lives next door do not exactly match yours (while not breaking the law), there is only one solution to make you live in peace: soundproof your home. Banned from the noise of the lawnmower on Sunday mornings and the loud music blasted by the students upstairs, soundproofing is the best way to not hear the noise produced by others and to avoid having your own perceived.

But what are the techniques with which to proceed? And what are the mistakes not to make? Before putting in place with such an impactful and expensive work on the building, you need to keep some good tips in mind. Making the walls of the house thermoacoustic, in fact, requires patience and precision.

Identify the source of the noise

First of all, the source of the noise must be identified and then establish whether it comes from outside or from inside the building. At this point it is time to evaluate whether to act on the external walls and on the fixtures or on the internal walls and ceilings, and above all with what grandeur to do it, if therefore to rely on more or less invasive interventions. For soundproofing specialists these matters are most important.

Soundproofing interventions: types

If in the past real air chambers were created and the cavities were filled with rock wool, today there are more modern ways to soundproof the house, such as the application of ad hoc materials on the wall itself.

The first option, the most invasive, involves the use of real acoustic masonry blocks, capable of guaranteeing excellent acoustic and thermal protection.

Leaner is the use of panels. Among these, there are many tenants who rely on the construction of a plasterboard wall , inside which insulating material is placed. Points in favor: plasterboard panels lend themselves easily to cutting and therefore to modeling according to your needs. But there are many other types of panels: in mineral fibers, in wood, polymeric, in synthetic materials. Not only. The use of decorative acoustic panels is increasingly frequent , capable of combining the ultimate and the pleasurable, structural needs and design.

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Even less impactful is the use of insulating plasters.  If the noise comes from the ceiling, it is advisable to create a false ceiling , inside which sound-absorbing panels are positioned.


If the din came from outside, there is then the opportunity to soundproof the windows. How? The first step is to plug all the holes and various holes with silicone. A second option involves the use of sound-absorbing curtains. Finally, if the noises persist, it is necessary to make the windows double or triple glazed and to equip them with a wooden frame, in order to obtain soundproofing and anti-noise windows.The security door can be useful if you are annoyed by the shouting coming from the landing or the stairs.

Who to contact

To have an optimal job it is certainly necessary to contact specialists in the sector. Even in Trieste it is possible to do so by asking for a simple quote.

Best Clothing Choices in the Best Wardrobes

The consumption of clothing has become a form of standardized collective alienation.The consequences are however disastrous at different levels, with irreversible social and environmental impacts. The polluting and slavery behind the scenes of fashion are presented in numerous documentaries.

Today, no one is unaware of what is happening. We are now all informed and therefore able to act if we want to.However, as this is a recent awareness, it is still quite difficult for many people to know where to start.If this is your case, this article can help you in that direction.

To change your consumption habits and consider a more eco-responsible wardrobe, here are 5 essential tips for choosing custom made wardrobes.

Make the most of what you already have

The most eco-responsible clothes are those which are already in the wardrobe and which no longer involve any production process or transport.It is therefore fundamental to reconnect to your wardrobe, to see its full potential and to use everything it offers to the maximum.

Very often we get bored of certain clothes, we forget them in a corner. We prefer to think that we lack it rather than to consider all the possible uses with the existing one. If we don’t bother to imagine and try other ways to wear our current clothes, we are missing the essential aspect of an eco-responsible wardrobe.

Detoxify yourself from addiction to permanent renewal

Women are the prey of fashion and beauty manufacturers. Everything is done to make us fall in love (windows, pubs, sales, endless news).

  • To this are added the other phenomena of influence which are taking on a monstrous scale with social networks.
  • We dress under the influence of all the time and under the exciting effect of perpetual novelty. There is a form of addiction with a constant need for renewal. We can’t stand repetition anymore.
  • Detoxifying yourself from this need for novelty is another key step towards a more eco-responsible dressing.

How can you do?

We advise you to get away from all these sources of temptation: you unsubscribe from brand newsletters, you no longer go into fast fashion stores, you no longer follow the influencers who offer new looks every day.

Rediscovering your clothing independence and no longer being dependent on what you see and what attracts you is to regain power over your wardrobe and your own style!

Dress conscientiously

Slow fashion is above all about dressing conscientiously.We can very well fall into overconsumption in second hand and ethical mode too. Whatever the type of purchase, as responsible as it is, the problem is always overconsumption.

  • The essential principle of slow fashion, before wondering where to consume, is to relearn how to dress consciously.
  • This means, no longer buying without knowing why, blindly, just for fun or under the influence.
  • There should be genuine involvement and thoughtfulness in every purchasing decision so that the garment is durable.
  • Instead of buying to throw away, one should always buy for the sole purpose of keeping.

Learn to choose better

Very often, we get lost in shopping to “buy a style”, reassurance, self-confidence.It is true that well-chosen clothes are real allies for a better being, to reveal oneself and to magnify oneself. But still it is necessary to choose very well precisely.

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