Car Loan Options in the Way You Can Take Now

Car Loan Options in the Way You Can Take Now

A final financing solution that combines purchase on credit and rental of the vehicle: balloon credit. This alternative involves the payment of a certain sum before the conclusion of the contract and which cannot be recovered at the end of it. Each month, the policy holder must pay monthly installments in order to use the vehicle. When the balloon loan expires, several solutions are offered to the customer:

Contract renewal

  • Subscription to a new balloon loan for another vehicle
  • Resale of the vehicle and reimbursement of the car loan
  • The criteria to take into account when choosing your loan

The rate

When you compare different auto loan offers, you should pay attention to the Global Effective Rate (TEG) which takes into account the full costs of the operation. Know how to distinguish it from the nominal rate, which is not indicative of all costs. The law obliges banks and credit organizations to highlight the TEG in their publications. It is this figure that should be taken into account in order to know precisely the budget necessary to make your purchase.

The duration of the loan

The duration of the proposed car title loans credit is a point on which you must be particularly attentive. Indeed, a loan over 60 or 72 months certainly offers lower monthly payments, but it results in an increase in its overall cost.

Monthly installments

The amount of monthly payments determines your budget balance and is therefore a key point for the feasibility of the project. Remember that your debt ratio should not exceed 33%.

Insurance and guarantees

Check the offer that is offered to you whether or not insurance and guarantees are included because some are optional and others are compulsory. The non-integration of those which are obligatory will result after their addition by an additional cost. So be careful because an offer that is too attractive may ultimately prove to be less attractive after taking into account insurance.

Additional costs and special conditions

Depending on the offers of the loan companies, the borrowing conditions can vary greatly. Before subscribing to a loan offer, it is therefore essential to take a close look at the different conditions included in the contract and any additional costs that will be charged.

Compare efficiently and quickly

To carry out your car purchase project in the best conditions, there are many criteria to take into account. Faced with the quantity of solutions offered by the various credit organizations and banks, we recommend that you use a reliable online comparator. From your home and after a few clicks, the online comparator will review all the offers corresponding to your project and your personal situation. Very quickly, it will detect the most competitive offer and you will then have to compare it with the offer made in concession to judge its interest. Indeed, it is by putting together a number of banks and credit organizations that the online comparator is able to provide you with the most competitive selection. Allowing you to make substantial savings, the online comparator is an essential tool to carry out your project of acquiring a new vehicle.