Great Choices for the Right Food

Great Choices for the Right Food

Obviously, this current situation
contributes to some changes in our eating behavior, namely with regard to what
we buy and the food we eat.The purchase became less frequent, which leads to a
greater need for the organization of the families themselves and, in
particular, trips to the supermarket. If, on the one hand, it is important to
guarantee the availability of food at home, which ensures our nutritional and
family needs, on the other hand it is also crucial to ensure that this purchase
is made responsibly, in the appropriate quantities, and without the acquisition
of unnecessary food.

Food of poor nutritional quality
is often purchased, with a high content of sugar, fats and salt. In addition,
at this stage, we are subject to other types of risk factors, such as sedentary
lifestyle and emotional stress. If we have foods of poor nutritional quality at
home, it is normal for both older and younger age groups to tend to consume
these foods. With the right confinement food
  you can have the
smartest deals.

What advice do you have to give us on how we should organize shopping?

First, the purchase of food must be planned, so that we make purchases as few times as possible. First of all, it is recommended to check all the food that we have at home and what is our storage capacity, both at room temperature, as in cold or in freezing. We should also plan our meals taking into account what we already have available. Subsequently, we are already in a position to make a shopping list with what is needed, avoiding buying unnecessary food. It is important to reinforce the purchase of fruits, vegetables and legumes, as they are very important foods at this time from the nutritional point of view. In this period, having a healthy and balanced diet is fundamental for our health status.

And what choices should we make in each food group?

For example, if we talk about one
of the big groups, that of cereals, derivatives and tubers, we have foods that
have a good preservation capacity at home. This is the case with bread and
breakfast cereals. In the case of bread, we can do this by buying the flours,
which are very easy to preserve and store. Or we can, for example, freeze bread
if we have space in the freezer. As for breakfast cereals, there are also very
balanced options, with low sugar content or even no added sugar. Oat flakes,
cornflakes or muesli are good options due to their durability, nutritional
value and easy storage.

Avoid ultra-processed

Much of the food sought in times
of boredom or binge eating is ultra-processed (stuffed crackers, snacks, soft
drinks, sweets). These products are rich in chemical additives that further
enhance the desire to eat and take a long time to give us satiety, making the
quantities ingested high.