The Labradoodle Dog with the Best features

The Labradoodle Dog with the Best features

The head of an adult
dog has a good development, medium size, with outlined arches above the eyebrow
area, located in accordance with the body. The forehead is small, the nose is
square.Dog hair is often compared with young lamb hair. She is just as soft,
has no undercoat. Some species of breed have small curls.No special care is
required, however, cutting and combing is mandatory.

color of the breed is diverse:

  • Chocolate color.
  • Reddish.
  • Caramel.
  • Black or white.
  • Deerhound – description, character, care and maintenance of the dog.
  • Black Terrier – description of the breed, character typical of the breed, photo of the dog and features of its upbringing
  • Drathaar – distinctive features of the breed, standards, description, training and education

on how the crossing was carried out, two types of breed are distinguished:

Labradoodle Dog
can be of different sizes. Therefore, it is possible to choose the right dog
for a private house or apartment.

on the weight, Labradoodles are divided into:

  • Standard – up to 65 cm at the withers,
    weight not more than 42 kg.
  • Medium – from 45 to 55 cm, body weight
    varies from 25 to 35 kg.
  • Mini-labradoodle – 35 cm, weight up to
    15 kg.
  • The eyes are medium-sized, have no
    bulge, but are not sunken, wide open. Eye color is brown shades.
  • Ears – soft, neatly attached to the
    head. They have a slight elongation, reaching in length to the lower lip.
  • Neck – has a curved shape, strong with
  • Shoulders – rounded, reclined, strong
  • Paws – are proportionate, the bone is
    straight. The hind legs have a slight angle of inclination in the knee.

The body is of strong
musculature, with a slight slope of the back.

Tail – has the shape of
a small semicircle.

of character and behavior

Labradoodle welcomes
walks in the fresh air. Thick hair will not let him freeze, but this is not a
reason to keep the dog on street conditions. Due to high mental abilities and a
sharp sense of smell, the dog can become an excellent lifeguard.

A big and good dog is a
great companion for physical activities on the street. He can accompany his
master even on a bike ride. Likes to play with the ball and look for hidden
objects.The dog does not show aggression, so it is not used for protection. He
will be a wonderful guide for the blind.