The Perfection in Pokémon Go Phonomenon

The Perfection in Pokémon Go Phonomenon

The Pokémon Go phenomenon spares no city in France. Some tourist offices have understood that players can constitute potential tourists.The cities of Lille, Rouen and Bordeaux also offered a gigantic Pokémon hunt last weekend.The Tourist Office turns into an arena and invites Pokémon trainers to come face to face to reach the upper levels.

The Fine Choice

The Tourist Office turns into PokéStop, and offers players to visit the tourist office to come and get a map (useful for locating tourist spots or if you get lost during your quest), get visit advice, or find out about the latest events. The use of the Pokemon go accounts is still quite popular.

The Gladtrotter start-up, which connects tourists and locals around discovery activities, offers a two-hour Pokémon hunt in the Jardin du Luxembourg district in Paris, accompanied by Paul-Augustin, a passionate guide.

Gamification, a chance for tourism

“Pokémon Go is a blessing for our business” exclaims Charles Dumoulin during the meet-up organized by Guillaume Cromer at the Welcome City Lab on the theme of outdoor activities 3.0.Gamification consists of transforming a walk or a guided tour into an interactive game.Atelier Nature promotes heritage outdoors. The company offers the creation of smartphone discovery and tourist animation applications.Adventure games, treasure hunts, orienteering, interactive walks, the company intends to ride the Pokémon wave.

  • All of our potential customers now know what we are doing. When we launched Atelier Nature 4 years ago, our virtual games on a smartphone app to discover nature, our customers did not see the point or did not understand the concept well. With games like Pokémon, everyone is now aware.
  • Nintendo plans to market, on August 31, an interactive bracelet compatible with the game of Niantic, the Pokémon Go Plus, accessorized with this bracelet will allow the player to be alerted of the presence of a Pokémon even when he is not consulting not his smartphone.
  • Completely captivated, the players cause accidents and crowds multiply. It is the collisions between pedestrians, sudden rallies when a rare Pokémon arises.


A word of advice, once the Pokémon has been captured, look at what is going on around it. Maybe the real treasure is there.Like its elder, the “Pokemon Go plus” which is put on the wrist, it will also make it possible to leave in search of the mythical monsters during the day, before collapsing with fatigue at night, under the watchful eye of Pokemon Sleep, praised the company.