Vietnamese language, Translation and More

Vietnamese language, Translation and More

The advantage of embarking on the
linguistic sisyphean task is that the Vietnamese are incredibly helpful and
more than willing (and patient) to support one in their linguistic
helplessness. For the language, the direct and best way to gain insight into a
new culture is because the language contains the reflection that enables us to
understand our new surroundings in a different way.

Because of the country’s colonial
past, the language has kept many French vocabulary words, adapted to Vietnamese
(with a monosyllabic script but with a sound similar to that of French). In
addition, French in Vietnam is still spoken and understood, but by the elderly.
The younger generation today prefers to learn English. With the present
translator you can type vietnamese there.

For the Big cities

In big cities or places that attract visitors, you will always find people who speak English. But this is not the case in the countryside and somewhat remote surroundings. Speaking a foreign language is not obvious, taxis or people working in restaurants and shops may not speak English, or their pronunciation may be very difficult to understand. It is therefore better for you and even very appreciated to make the effort to use a few words of local language before going to Vietnam.

Vietnam is definitely my biggest
favorite in Southeast Asia. I would say that the country has become relatively
familiar to me, because I have reissaillut around Vietnam and asunutkin moment
Hue last year. It’s been somehow perceptible that Vietnam’s popularity is
rising and rising all the time as a travel destination and I’m no wonder –
after all, Vietnam is incredibly interesting and diverse.

I thought I would share with you
my experiences from Vietnam once again and tell you ten reasons why you should
travel to Vietnam. Beware, you might fall in love with the earth.

Trekking in the stunning nature of North Vietnam

Really, if you are not now
roughly one foot in the grave then ok, but otherwise head to North Vietnam for
a trekking trip . All in all, one of the finest experiences of my life was that
trek through the mountains, rice fields and small villages. In addition,
authentic Vietnamese culture was enjoyed in Homestay accommodations, which
slept at the home of the locals. It is worth preparing mentally for rice liquor
to be consumed in a liter trade with the host.


We booked this trip from Ethnic
Travels in Hanoi with small modifications, from where we went by night train +
minibus to Sapa. This is where the three-day walk started with a local women’s
guide, which was a place heavy even in places – yet still anyone in normal
condition will surely cope with this. It is definitely worth tossing in decent
shoes and not going in traffic with any smooth-bottomed cheap sneakers /