What the Value of Abdominal Massage

What the Value of Abdominal Massage

The gases in the digestive system can cause excruciating pain. A properly performed abdominal massage, by an experienced and trained practitioner, can relieve pain in the short term, decongest the entire digestive system and even treat constipation in the long term.

The ventral 건마 massage is a natural remedy which also helps to untie the abdominal muscles when one is stressed, to relax the digestive and urinary organs in order to improve their functioning, to evacuate toxins and eliminate cellulite.

How is ventral massage practiced?

It generally follows 5 steps, from the simple touch of the fingertips, in a circular fashion, to the strongest pressure, starting from the chest to the lower abdomen. The palpate-roll can participate in the stages of the ventral massage. It requires know-how because the vital organs are stressed. It can be particularly effective in eliminating the formation of cellulite and reducing the orange peel effect.

Recommendations and contraindications

Insofar as the belly is in relation with the vital organs (such as the bladder or the stomach), it is likely a perfect control, carried out by a practitioner having followed an adequate massage training.

According to studies by several scientists, the abdomen has a close connection to the brain. Qualified as an “enteric brain”, the belly thus deserves our full attention just like the other parts of the body. Abdominal massage thus has several therapeutic virtues. It not only involves untying the muscles, but also brings many benefits to the various internal organs. It also helps to facilitate digestion and “degas” the digestive tract, so as to remedy problems related to constipation or bloating. Processes that are based on the movements of the lymphatic system also help get rid of the toxin ingested by the body, while improving breathing.

The stages of abdominal massage

The abdominal massage is carried out in five distinct stages. However, the practice requires a perfect mastery of the principles and the procedures which ensue from it. This type of treatment is only performed by a practitioner who has undergone specific training. It is therefore very important to respect basic movements and gestures without damaging vital organs such as the bladder or the stomach. The patient remains in bed for the duration of the session. The first phase of abdominal massage is to touch the entire belly only with your fingers. Then, the masseur performs more precise circular movements. During the last three stages, the pressures are increasing. The massage is carried out starting with the rib cage and going down to the waist.

Some precautions to take

Abdominal massage is a lifestyle in its own right. Daily treatment is highly recommended for people who are often forced into digestive problems and flatulence problems. However, like all types of massages, it should only be done at least two hours after a meal. Before each intervention, it is also necessary to empty the bladder. Some contraindications remain. Abdominal massage is not suitable during menstruation. It is also not recommended for women who wear an IUD, at the risk of moving it and subsequently obstructing the reproductive organ. Nor can those with ulcers use it, just like patients with internal inflammations.